In my opinion, wedding photographers have one of the hardest jobs on a wedding day. They're constantly on the go, making sure they capture each little detail and important moment for the bride, groom and both of their families while keeping everyone calm and moving the day along! I knew I wanted a photographer that could handle all of these moving parts with grace and professionalism, which is why I chose Meghan with Spencer Studios to be my wedding photographer. 

From the start, she was totally devoted to making my vision come to life. She took time to get to know my husband and me, sitting down with us and hashing out what was important to us, where we started and how we got to this big day. She took our engagement photos, which were absolutely stunning, and worked with us to make sure every shot we were hoping to get was taken. She made everything so fun and natural that the reactions she got from my husband and I during the shoot were completely genuine, and I loved seeing a true depiction of us in those pictures.

Once the wedding day came, she was nothing but calm, reassuring and comforting (but secretly working her behind off to capture every element of the wedding day perfectly). She is simultaneously your best friend and personal advocate. I felt 100% comfortable knowing that Meghan was behind the scenes, capturing every happy, weepy, wonderful moment of that day. I would absolutely, unflinchingly recommend Meghan to any bride. My family loved her, my wedding party loved her and my husband and I can't be more grateful for everything she did for us that day and the months prior. She is so sweet, so hardworking and has such an amazing eye for photography. I will cherish my wedding photos for decades to come, and am so glad that Meghan took them!


Meghan is phenomenal, and we could not be happier with our experience working with her. To be entirely honest, when my husband and I got started with wedding planning we weren’t too sure about the whole photography piece – usually, neither one of us really enjoys taking photos. From the minute we met Meghan for coffee to talk about what was important to us for our wedding day, it was clear that she is absolutely committed to helping her couples experience a special day. She’s completely professional and an all-around excellent person to be around. She helped us think through our timeline and details, taking the time to really get to know us and what mattered to us. We had a great time taking our engagement photos at Shawnee Mission Park, and loved how they turned out. Meghan is exactly the kind of person you want to spend a big piece of your wedding day with. She’s kind, fun, totally unflappable, and you can totally trust her to make sure you get amazing pictures for your day. She managed the dynamics of our big families with lots of people brilliantly, and then our time taking photos with our wedding party and then with just us ended up being one of the best parts of our day. As we’re looking through our photos, we just can’t believe how good they are – Meghan created an atmosphere where we have photos that capture us and the fun we’re having together, the special details and memories that we’ll remember forever, and some absolutely stunning shots where she arranged us and the light and backdrops in ways that turned out incredibly well. We are so glad we decided to partner with her and can’t recommend her highly enough. – Amanda (the bride)
Meghan was awesome and our photos are great. I think the best compliment I can give Meghan is that she made the process easy. Neither my wife nor I had many opinions on what exactly we wanted for photos. Meghan really got to know us and helped us figure out what we liked in photos. We had a really fun engagement session that helped us prepare for the wedding day. On the actual day of the wedding, Meghan was amazing! She made it feel fun and special, and she did a great job managing family and friends. Neither my wife nor I are very into taking photos, but we both had a great time during our photo shoots. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is getting married. – Mathew (the groom)


Meghan is an amazing photographer and hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! Her overall vibe and aesthetic was exactly what I was hoping to find when I started my search and she did not disappoint. Our pictures are stunning; I still get tears in my eyes every time I look at them. She not only perfectly photographed every moment of the best day of our lives, she captured the emotion and joy. She has a keen eye for detail and you can tell how passionate she is about her craft. I cannot wait to receive my album and start hanging pictures throughout my house. Meghan was a dream to work with, as well. She listened to everything I said in our initial meeting and found perfect locations for our shoots. She came prepared with adorable clear umbrellas (due to the torrential downpours in the forecast) and ponchos, which became a necessity about 3/4 of the way through our group shots. What could have put a major damper on the day turned into one of my favorite images and truly all thanks to her quick thinking & preparation! Her second shooter was wonderful to work with as well - something I would highly recommend including if you are on the fence! Always nice to have several perspectives on the key moments throughout the day. As an out-of-town bride, I had a bit more of a challenge ahead of me while planning. Spencer Studios was one of the first vendors we selected and Meghan exceeded all of our expectations for a photographer! She worked with me throughout our planning process to develop the perfect day-of timeline and any time I had a question about possible vendors, color schemes, etc, she was happy to lend an ear and offer advice! She was a calming presence all day and kept everything flowing smoothly. I am truly thankful to Meghan for all of her hard work and talent. I love all of my pictures and will cherish them forever!! I would HIGHLY recommend Spencer Studios. Exceptional work.


Working with Meghan was such a great part of the wedding day! From our first conversations before the wedding to even after the day, Meghan was a professional and kind support for my husband and I. She was so patient and accommodating throughout the process. The engagement photos were absolutely beautiful- even shooting in 10 degree weather, Meghan helped us look amazing. Meghan was exactly the calming presence I needed before the wedding- she was on top of photography planning things even when I wasn't, and was professional and thorough every step of the way. I knew the entire time that she personally cared about the photos, and the results showed! All of my family and friends say the day of the wedding was the least stressful photography experience they'd had, and I agree! Meghan caught every moment, every group of people, and every bit of the day - nothing was missed! She handled our very large families and wedding party in an effortless, patient, and efficient manner (seriously a gift to have it go so smoothly on such a stressful day!). Meghan was also tremendously sweet and caring, and became a friend who was a joy to have around that day. The photos themselves turned out better than we could have hoped. The process for picking photos and designs for our album was clear and easy, and she was accommodating to every request we made. Quality wedding photography was an investment we are SO glad we did - it made our day so much easier and our photos are something we will cherish our whole lives. Spencer studios is worth the investment. Meghan is an experienced professional who will care about your family and your photos, and the results will reflect that. She is also a fun and personable, and thinks of all the little details that you won't. I would recommend her to any couple as their wedding photographer because she is reliable and professional, and in the end, the experience and the photos were absolutely amazing!


Meghan was truly one of the most perfect parts of our wedding day. From the second we met her at a coffee shop to talk, she blew us away with her professionalism, but also relational attitude. I immediately walked out of our first meeting and told my husband "That's who we need for our wedding day." And she did not disappoint. From our engagement pictures in June, to our wedding in August, she has gone above and beyond to exceed our expectations and our pictures are INCREDIBLE. She took the time to get to know us and make us feel comfortable, but was also in charge and told us exactly what to do to make sure that our pictures would be perfect. She was so much more than just a photographer. She took the time to talk me through the stress of the wedding day and made a point to chat with my friends and family and she really did help make the day perfect. Post wedding, she was prompt in getting us our photos and invited us to her studio space, champagne in hand, to look at our pictures and talk face-to-face about album and wall art ordering (all of which is incredible quality). Overall, Meghan is who you need on your wedding day: personable, professional, and present. We were over the moon with her and with her product, and we will absolutely be hiring her for future photos, and we will absolutely be recommending her to everyone we know :)


Meghan at Spencer Studios was an integral part of our wedding day and was so much more than a photographer for us. She immediately recognized that we were struggling with our planners, especially day of, and stepped up. She went above and beyond in every single aspect. I truly believe she saved our day; we couldn't have done it without her! Meghan fit so seamlessly into every aspect of our wedding day. She wasn't just our photographer, she was our voice and most importantly our friend who made sure everything went perfectly.

She made sure that we took time to be thoughtful of each other and say the things we were thinking aloud to one another. Those are things you can't necessarily capture in a photograph, but she made sure we had those moments anyway. Our photos are absolutely gorgeous and she captured every single moment thanks to her very detailed questionnaire and timeline. Her eye for detail and beauty shines in every image. Meghan took beautiful, true-to-life photos of us and our loved ones, and we will cherish them for years to come. She told me that she loves to shoot weddings because the photos aren't just for us, they are for generations to come. Her passion is undeniable and brilliantly executed.

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